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Daniel Somers is an award-winning, successful, practising Estate Agent. He combines an intimate, respected knowledge of the Industry with an engaging and charismatic delivery style. A holder of the Certificate of Practice in Estate Agency and an Assessor/Verifier for the NVQ in Residential Estate Agency his credentials are impeccable. His book The Diligent Estate Agent has been described as An essential guide for the Professional Agent.

In addition he maintains a sound background in Psychology (he is a qualified Counsellor, holding a Masters Degree - see below) which means that he is able to offer a coherent understanding of the psychodynamics of the Customer/Estate Agent relationship. In short, he knows how to sell and what makes people want to buy.

Daniel's status has won him the accolade Management Guru (The Daily Telegraph) while the Negotiator Magazine portrayed him as a Class Act.

His reputation as a gifted, motivational Training Consultant has taken him to larger Corporates and smaller Independents throughout the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Spain.


City & Guilds (NVQ)
Internal Assessor & Internal Verifier in Residential Estate Agency
City & Guilds D32, D33, D34

National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA)
Certificate of Practice in Estate Agency (CPEA, FNEA)

M.Ed., (Human Relations) Nottingham University
B.Ed., Birmingham University
Diploma Counselling, Aston University
Dip. Special Ed (VH), Birmingham University