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At the centre of the programme is a research project. At the pre-course meeeting each participant is helped to identify an issue in the branch that they would like to improve upon. Examples are Coaching Staff, Overcoming FS "Objections" or How to Win More Instructions. Throughout the course an appropriate, supported intervention is put into place and the results are presented formally to Company Principals on the final day.

Participants are encouraged to employ a range of multi media tools to make their presentation as professional as possible. These include Video, PowerPoint, Overhead Projectors, Taped Interviews, Flipcharts and Handouts. Principals grade each presentation, together with a Portfolio of course notes as:

1 Management Ability/Potential with 2 Areas of Strength
2 Management Ability/Potential with 1 Area of Strength
3 Management Abilty/ Potential
4 Management Ability/Potential with 1 Area of Development Need
5 Management Ability/Potential with 2 Areas of Development Need

Those who achieve grade 4/5 are involved in an Action Plan to maximise their potential

Estate Agencies often use the Management Assessment Programme as a starting point for a company wide structured, intergrated staff development plan that would form the basis of a submission for the Investor in People Award